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Environment Services


Agriculture by its very nature upsets the balance of ‘nature’ in that we alter certain ecosystems to create ones for our own benefit.


How we can maximize sustainability and biodiversity is becoming increasingly important as we seek to feed a burgeoning human population.

Reducing pesticides in water is one important part of keeping our environment clean and healthy. To this end Optima Excel works closely with a wide range of organisations involved with agriculture and the wider environment including:  ‘Natural England’, ‘Rivers Trust’, ‘LEAF’, South-West Water, Severn Trent Water, The Crop Protection Association, The National Farmers Union and the ‘Voluntary Initiative’.

Most recently we have provided support for a campaign to reduce the levels of pesticides in drinking water. Details of this campaign can be found here.

Farming for Wildlife and improving biodiversity on our farms is an important aspect of modern farming. Done well it can also add to the bottom line and help demonstrate how responsible farming can do hand in hand with environmental protection.

Contact us for more details of how we can help you reduce the impact of fertilisers, pesticides and other agricultural practices on the environment and improve the farm for wildlife whilst retaining a profitable enterprise.

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