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Food and Farming 

Our growing world population and increasing urbanization puts increasing pressure on our natural resources.


We have less and less land to feed more and more people each year.


At the same time there is growing demand for high quality food at an affordable cost.

Welsh Onions.jpg

 As a farming community we have an obligation to maximize our productivity whilst at the same time respecting the needs of the environment and the wider community. Whilst this may seem a difficult circle to square it creates opportunities for adding value at the farm gate.


 At Optima Excel we can help advise on farm diversification schemes and ideas. How best can you adapt your business to benefit from the trends in UK consumers for food with less pesticide or produced organically? 


Could the increasing demand for vegetarian diets for example, provide you with an opportunity to grow vegetables for this market? Could you sell produce direct from farm or strike up distribution with local retailers and thus reduce the food miles for your products?

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